Winning prizes online

One of my favorite ways to win prizes online is with rewards sites. These sites give you points for doing stuff on the sites, there is also opportunities to win points. You then redeem these points for prizes. The prizes can be of your choosing and can even be cash. The rewards sites get these cash and prizes from advertisers. Now days advertisers know that they have to do more to get in front of potential customers more than in the past, with the advent of DVRs and on demand music, there commercials just aren’t being seen like they used too, so now they will pay you to see them, and pay for your opinion.

My favorite of these rewards sites is They have many different ways to earn points and win them. You can do easy stuff like simply viewing websites,listening to music,watching videos,searching the web and more. There is over 90 gift card choices that are instantly delivered, You can also turn your points into cash and get a real check in the mail, checks are sent within 10 days and are available for as low as $1.00 earned and no maximum.

While is a great site, it’s not the only one and it’s not open to every country , but this one is, I am talking about the oldest rewards site I know of and it has surveys,offers,clixgrid game,offer walls and the easiest way to earn which is viewing websites. You just click the site and wait for the timer and earn cash, then you close it and click another. You get paid by PayPal or other methods.

Both of these are great sites and you can use both or to win and earn prizes online.